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Molefi Mpeke

1. MADXBA 1 & 2/Shakashoelu
Little is known about this artist. His Twitter gives a little about who he is but he’s (they) are clearly lovers of music and the sounds he (they) incorporates into the songs are evidence of that. This joint is really spacey, almost like he doesn’t want you to hear what he’s (they) are saying but it’s very wavey. Keep an eye for this one and the whole Maftown scene actually.

2. Thin Moon / Mayer Hawthorne

This cover of a James Pants song by Mayer Hawthorne is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and when you listen you’ll see that this isn’t an understatement. The chords and piano keys on this song sound like what Ultra Mel custard would sound like if it were a song.

3. Lift Me Up / Vince Staples

The first or second song on damn near every rapper’s album/mixtape always has to be straight flambè, this is just a pattern I’ve noticed ever since my uncle washed the Toyota to Pac’s tapes. Anyway, the first song on Vince Staples studio debut album is him at his visceral and observant best with a delivery only he can produce. This will be hailed as a classic 5-10 years from now.

4. Want / Toro y Moi ft. Washed Out
The king of the ‘Chillwave’ genre did a number on this one. The whole mixtape is about the top floor and the ground floor of every relationship. The song is accompanied by a haunting vocal and he samples a scene from The Notebook. Very pretty.

5. Drown In It / Syd
Formerly known as Syd the Kid,the Odd Future DJ has come on her own on this project. Her silky vocals, she’s come a long way from witnessing mosh pits to touring the world and being the lead on the Grammy nominated album Ego Death with her cohorts The Internet. There’s sex all over this one. Play it when you have that special someone over and have the house to yourself.

Just Have a listen to the whole album Fin.

6. Finer Things / Ka
This is a rapper time forgot. With the most unconventional flow over even more unorthodox beats I’ve heard in a while. He confesses “my flow too deep to chart domestic” but that doesn’t take away his narrative genius. Really, check this album out.

7. U Don’t Have To Call / Childish Gambino
This man’s ability to transcend various entertainment mediums only attests his genius. He sounds like he doesn’t care to conform to modern day standards of structuring his songs and he’s best off that way. One moment his stretching his vocal chords to blurt out a falsetto, the next his literally talking over the beat and it’s still listenable.

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