S.O.D Market With Friends

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The streets are what make us and the ‘cred’ is what we strive for.

It’s a windy Saturday evening (27 May) with all types of beautiful light coming from the sky. The clock just hit 4 pm and it’s golden hour (sunset). I’m at the semi outdoor Okolom  lifestyle lounge in Mapetla, Soweto, trying to set up my photo booth( D.I.Y because Reuse,Recycle ♻️). It’s the “Some Other Dogs” Market with friends.

What is Some Other Dogs?

Local clothing brand – “Some Other Dogs” slang phrase for another slang phrase “Top Dog” meaning the realest, most coolest guy/girl. Mostly used in townships on a daily( in all official languages) to greet or even praise, the catch phrase is provocative. And since most people should relate to the phrase, the brand itself should live up to it.

( full cover coming soon)

Tell us what you think Some Other Dogs means on our social media platforms  Ezinye’ezinja (IsiZulu) / Dintja’tseding (SeTswana).
Also check out the fun we had in our D.I.Y booth. ( On our Social Media Platforms)

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  1. Kutlwano Radebe

    Personally I’m extremely happy and proud to see the brand growing…I’ll continue to support guys and the movement..

  2. Luyandauthando

    It’s quite unfortunate that i was not able to attend the S.O.D Market with friends however the efforts made by the team is commendable. Looking forward to attending the next one. The brand is on its own ” all types of beautiful light coming”.

  3. Thank you so much guys for the responses and the opinions we hope to see you at our next market. peace and love y’all

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