The Power of the Hand. #WokeWednesdays

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“The power is in your hands” so they say, but is the power in a hand that is closed or wide open? How I see it … is whether closed or open, the hand always possess great power. In an open hand lies the power to work, to write, to create, to make someone’s day just by greeting them, comfort, to reject, to harm, to take, to steal and destroy. The greatest deed by far and the most life changing is a touch. It has the power to rearrange one’s thoughts, the power to build a relationship and also destroy it.

We live in a time where for most women it is most common for the hand, whether closed or open, to be used as a weapon to destroy her very existence (yes this is going the violence against woman route).I mean, it might stop being news but it’s still daily occurrences that have come to a point of being a big part of our society. It has now become life as we know it.

Now, women like mam’Winnie Mandela gave the hand a totally different meaning, gave it a whole new legacy. They raised those hands in a form of a fist and nothing was ever the same again because inside the close hand lies sacred powers such as courage, the strive to change, solidarity, and the most inexplicable power called freedom.

With that being said, what lies in your hand? what sacred powers do you possess? Be encouraged to take a look and find the woke that lies within the palm of your hands. The hand is yours and the power lies within your hands.

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