In Your 20somethings #WokeWednesday

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Teenage years are over Exaggerated if you ask me, I mean Teenage years compared to your 20something’s are nice life problems. Adulting is hard, it’s like basically swimming and trying not to drown under the wave of Anxiety and depression.   A smart person once told me that, the worst thing you can do to yourself in your 20s, is feel like you should have your whole life figured out. You’re keeping and losing close friends, getting your heart broken while trying to be financially stable and learning to calm down the teenager that’s still inside you. Your parents are sick and dying, your boss is a jerk and you hate your job, and some still have to juggle all that with varsity.  That’s all enough to have you booked right into a mental institute.

Nonetheless, is your prime. Your “in my times”, your “let’s do this!” your “the-world-is-at-the -palm-of-my-hands”, It is your “20that-things”. That is where we all wanna be, what we always wanted to be. 

The “forever young” revolution now has a song added on to their list of war-cries, 20something by SZA. This song goes in!. It portrays the entire idea behind the desire to be “forever young” or forever “20something” it is a true reflection of literally having nothing during your twenties, nothing tying you down and most of the time, you practically own nothing but most of all, nothing matters but RIGHT NOW!. Every day is another chance to explore and be what the world has been waiting for. The most exciting part of it all is that you are exactly where you need to be.  Just use what you have, do what you love and start where you are.

We are all just praying our 20 something’s don’t kill us and desperately trying to hold onto anything familiar with all these changes that are happening in our lives. Good Luck on your 20somethings.


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