The Chefs that wear many hats.

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Have you ever imagined the world without women, it’s a little unbelievable right.

As it is woman’s month, we are celebrating the greatness they are and the impact they have in every aspect of life, specifically focusing on the women in the history of food. This is for all the women who did good from the ones who weren’t and still aren’t credited for the work they do every day, to the ones undermined of what they are capable of doing. Not forgetting the ones who shine in the lime light and keep representing and inspiring us females.
It’s time to kill old sayings like “women make good cooks, but men make better chefs”. As it is not common to find a woman in charge of a kitchen in fancy restaurants or top establishments in the culinary world, traditionally they are not seen as suitable candidates for the more complicated and prestigious jobs but these women show us that all of those sayings are just myths.
Here are the TOP 5 women who “did the things that made the things to be done”


1. Chef Diane Kay– She was chosen to represent South Africa at the Bocuse d’Or competition what’s known as the toughest individual culinary which took place in Lyon, France. She was the only female chef competing – Diane has a long history of competing in culinary competitions in and around South Africa and was a member of the NCT ( The national culinary team that took part in the Culinary Olympics in 2004.)



2. Chef Lillian Elidah – Zambia is an internationally acclaimed hotelier. Chef and owner of Twaala Restaurants. Chef Lillian is a pioneering creative and innovator and is one of the only Swiss-trained chefs working in Zambia. She has gathered a lot of experience and exposure from around the world which explains the diverse culinary taste.


3. Chef Cristeta Comerford – In America she was appointed by President Clinton in 2005 as the first woman, Filipino-American and Asian ever to be selected as the White House Executive Chef. Boss right? throughout that time she shared her creativity and passion for healthy eating.




4. Chef Clare Smyth – In Great Britain, she is the head chef at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and Britain’s first female chef to run a three Michelin star restaurant. Her attitude, passion to succeed in a “man’s world” is what pushed her not to let her gender limit her. She’s “The Man”.



5. Chef Julia Child – In America was a cooking legend. She is an American famous female chef, best known for popularizing French cuisine in and around America. After becoming a successful food author of French cookbooks, she went into the world of television in 1963.
Her series The French Chef was really the first experiment with a TV “cooking show” and she basically laid the foundation for all of the many TV cooking shows that we watch till this day.

Shout out to all the amazing women making bold moves and continuously inspiring us. We thank you all the way from South Africa. Stay gracious and amazing.

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