An ode to Legendary Women

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Since it’s Women’s Month and we continue to celebrate their influence within the music industry, on this week’s playlist I pay homage to the women we listened to during our (my) childhood and the bops they gave us.

Brenda Fassie- Vulindlela

The theme song to most township weddings in the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, this is one song sure to remember. The late Ma Brrrr (aka The Black Madona)talks about a jealous gossiper and how her son is getting married today.  The Anti-apartheid pop singer also sang songs that brought people hope and happiness during the struggle, R.I.P to a true legend.

Alecia Keys – Fallin’

The song that came out in 2001 that had a 7-year-old me singing as if I was in love (what did I know about love at that age), is one of the legendary songs that Ms (Mrs Swizz) Keys gave us. Where she talks about the perils of falling in love, as she is accompanied by her trademark piano. This is one of those songs that’ll have you thinking about falling in love. An ode to beautiful love songs

Erykah Badu – In Love With You ft Stephen Marley

One of the prettiest duets in the history of dues, Ma Erykah comes with this beautifully written ballad, about not caring what people say about their love. That as long as they love each other nothing else matters, it doesn’t matter what they’re families, friends, teachers or whatever say about them, because they are in love with each other, nothing else matters. A beautiful song that has lasted the test of time. 

Jill Scott – A Long Walk

This song, so special, where Ms Scott where she pleads with her lover for them to take a long walk in the park after dark, so they can find a spot where they can stimulate each other with conversation. Where they can talk about their experiences, educations, situations, temptations and just relax in each other’s company as they get to know each other. Ah man, what a jawn, classic, classic song that’s so relatable.

Lauryn Hill – Everything is Everything

Coming in on Day 5 is none other than the legendary Ms Lauryn Hill with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She talks about the injustices and struggle of youth communities within her native African American communities, and that everything is everything and what is meant to be, will be. One of the most enjoyable songs to come from Ms Lauryn. Fun fact John Legend played the piano to this gem of a jam.

Sade – Sweetest Taboo

And coming in on day 6, the infamous Sade Adu with one of her greatest songs, Sweetest Taboo. She really sings about her boo giving her the sweetest taboo and that’s why she’s so in love with him. That’s one of the reasons she is with her significant other, as the quiet storm is her boo. The most chilled out vibey song of note, that’ll have you doing the Cha Cha because of how upbeat the whole song is. Beauty personified.


Rebecca Malpoe-Hamba Juba

Last but not least is the oh so amazing MAMA Rebecca Malope. With a song so relevant to the struggles of women in and around South Africa. She sings about domestic violence which is still an issue even today. STOP ABUSE AGAINST WOMEN & CHILDREN!

Let me know of any other legendary women who deserve to be on the list via social media, @puzzlepiecesmag on twitter and Puzzle Pieces Magazine on Facebook.

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