The Tea on Women’s Reality

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It’s been evident that every generation has its own struggle and women’s month is initially to commemorate the women who stood up again gender inequality and although this is still an ongoing struggle, it has become worse, more violent and horrific considering the recent killings of women by men which had me thinking.
Are we as women supposed to keep covering our wounds because a man is a man? ” Don’t provoke?” we say “Don’t dress like that, don’t do this don’t do that” always having to condition ourselves to accommodate men like they cannot change how they react to a women’s body and emotions. I hate to say it, but culture has a lot to do with this because “Indoda ayibuzwa ukuthi iphumaphi” and women stay in violent and possessive relationships because “Mosadi otswara thipa ka boheleng” 
All this on how women shouldn’t do and how much she can take and not enough of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
The truth is we as women who are emotional beings know how bottling shit up messing us up yet we still say “Indoda ayikhali” this is the very thing that breeds angry Alfa males. And us focusing on us isn’t helping the matter, we need to come through for our men who have been scarred by our vicious past of apartheid and fatherless homes. There is just not enough positive male role models.
We need to reconsider how we raise our boys and teach them to understand the gravity of putting their hands on women at a young age to break the cycle.
We might scream “Wa thinta abafazi Wathinta imbokoto ” at the top of our lungs but the truth is we are NOT rocks, we are HUMAN, we hurt. Just because we act tough and act like we can take it, that doesn’t mean we should be put through it, and the fact that men fear to have daughters means they are able to comprehend to a certain extent what they put women through.
I think it’s time for self-reflection, we need to go back to the basics.
I hope this has been an eye opening women’s month and hope all good efforts be carried out for the rest of the year and lifetime. Tell us what you on our Social Media platforms @puzzlepiecesmag on Twitter and Puzzle Pieces Magazine on Facebook. #BeTheBiggerPicture.

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