A flavour-town trip to Belgium with Van De Waffle.

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A dainty dessert place located at The Zone, Rosebank.

Van De Waffle is an absolute gem with a warm and welcoming staff, vibrant area that is enjoyable for all people and of-course the foodies out there. This place has the best natural lighting for you to capture the delicious Liege waffles you just got.

Now back to the waffles, the star of the show. If you thought you’ve had good waffles in your life, I’m definitely going to have to stop you right there., I’m talking about authentic Liege Belgium waffles that are made with the best ingredients and so much care you can taste it.

They are crispy on the outside but fluffy inside; they have different flavoured spreads & toppings to choose from, depending on what you ordered so you definitely won’t get bored picking something to eat.








Q & A with Marco who is the other half that founded this restaurant.

Could you tell us a bit about VDW, what it’s all about and when was it established?

VDW has been a brainchild of my brother and I for a long time. We are half Belgium – half South African (born in Belgium, raised in SA) throughout our lives we used to travel to Belgium a lot and our grandmother used to make waffles for us. We were always amazed by the Liege waffles she made for us and coming back to SA we didn’t have it, So we decided why don’t we do it ourselves to create something unique for the market and something that we love.

What did you guys do before you actually opened this restaurant?

Before we opened this restaurant I was studying in Europe, Belgium, UK, and Denmark. I got an international education and at the same time, I was doing research on the waffles because the waffles are all over Europe. I also trained with Waffle experts in my hometown in Belgium learning how everything works.

What would you say is the essential thing that brings people back to your restaurant?

It’s very unique, there’s a bad name for waffles in SA because people associate it with the pancake batter waffles which are the American waffles. We brought the real Liege waffles which are a dough based waffle from Belgium which makes it pretty unique.

Have a look for yourself
Aren’t they amazing?

What did you learn from your grandmother and family when it comes to creating the perfect Liege waffle?

IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE, what you put in it. It takes us about 24 hours to make a fresh batch of dough so every day there’s a fresh batch for our customers.

There was a popular menu item (black waffle & black ice-cream) you had called “The Dark Side” which you collaborated with YoCoco & DEAD, what was that collaboration about?

We are all young and trendy establishments that are starting up. We thought it would be great to collaborate on a unified project and that’s where the black waffle came along with the black ice cream. So it was all young brands coming together and creating something innovative

Now for the people who don’t know the difference between the normal pancake batter waffles we have and the Liege waffles, how would you explain the difference between the two?

The best way to explain it is that our waffles are made out of dough, we use butter and imported pearl sugar from Belgium which caramelizes and creates that crispiness and sugary gooeyness which makes it very delicious. That sets our waffles apart from the rest.

Is there anything new you’re working on for the restaurant?

We are actually working on something new, we just did a trip to Paris working on some new flavours, new topping ideas.

Things to look forward to at VDW:

Every first Saturday of each month they will bring back “The Dark Side” and launch the new collaboration menu items. The launch of the new menu item the Waffle Pops which will be launched in the next couple of months.

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