The power of voice over mind, body & spirit

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Learning the meaning of every word you utter and the roots, as well as the original intentions, find the relation to each word and how it will affect your life.
Vibrations + Energy= Matter.
Thoughts = Energy.
Talking = Vibration.
Sparking= Vibration
Voice+Thoughts = Reality.
Walking the truth of your own life is by meditation and praying which keeps thoughts, actions and words positive.
I can’t= I will literally stop growth.
I don’t believe = is a taught behaviour that is conditional.
Try = you do it over and over and never get over the end.
I can attempt = it is never-ending.
I can = literally promote growth.
I am = “Can” is a command to self.
I can do anything = your body needs to hear it and reacts to it.
I believe = using good words, unconditional and moves a person forward in life.
Higher states of thoughts and speaking equal to good vibrations, this will help attract greater things, anything else leads to sadness and even depression. The goal is not to suppress any negative feels but to do an introspection, the reason for anything and every emotion are inside of you. Unaddressed toxic feelings grow within time and sometimes even just positive thinking is dangerous. Its all in the roots. Namaste!

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