Social Awareness #Wokewednesday

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Social awareness, That’s what is meant by WOKE. This week we talk about artists who were both Black and Talented in the times of oppression towards Black people.

South African Artist Moses Tladi, born in Sekhukhuneland, known today as Limpopo Province. He was the first black South African artist to have his work Formally exhibited at South African National Gallery in Cape Town. (Which was then a “Whites Only” museum)

Know for his landscape oil paintings, the self-taught artist, with his family, suffered like most black South Africans the denial of land ownership and stopped painting after he was forcefully moved out of his own home in the Johannesburg suburb of Kensington to Soweto. What a way to go out.


American Neo-expressionist artist Jean-Micheal Basquiat also making great achievements representing the black nation.
His art reflected the political and social status of the world around him. Living in the 80’s he’s painting touched on issues of racism, the oppressive system towards black Americans and slavery. “I don’t think of art when I work, I think of the world,” he said, and it’s evident in his paintings


These artists were both socially aware of the systematic oppression and expressed themselves through art. The moral of the story is that Moses Stopped and Basquiat fought against the system creatively and artistically. Who are you going to be?
Whoever you chose to be, just stay woke and fight for what you stand for, Be the Bigger Picture.

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