Traits of An Oppressed Being. #WokeWednesday

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Oppression is defined as an exercise of cruelty or unjust treatment or control, and this exercise continues not only as a physical exercise but mental exercise as well. This week we talk about the traits of an oppressed being and a mindset adopted thereafter and from the oppressor.

An oppressed being would glorify individual victories and has a mindset of individual thinking. This individual thinking mindset leads to competition amongst the oppressed group and the feeling of wanting to be better than the next person. What would make one feel better than the next person?
Materialistic possessions are obtained as a symbol of success. This would actually replace self-worth with material wealth, “my car is more expensive” “I am educated, I’m too good for the hood.” It could be because the oppressed don’t know their own worth or the power possessed by an oppressed being.

An oppressed being unknowingly has hatred towards people of the same struggle, simply because it has become a norm for generations. This sub-conscious self-hatred leads to disrespect towards one’s own people/culture and it always feels right to associate ignorance and stupidity with oppressed people. “ey abantu abamnyama….”


The oppressed are always the majority and also lack the ability to unite for one common cause, true Freedom, economic freedom. These are the times of the oppressed to rise and solve their own problems because the oppressor has their own interests at heart. This is a race, a contest to get to the finish line first, are the oppressed going to come out on top?. Only if they stand together and realise the bigger picture. No true victory comes from an individual, but it comes from a team. We are one, but many.

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