Art is black .

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Black is depth personified. So there I was browsing through black art and all I saw was depth in the flesh . I sat there and I just took it all in , all the strength , the power . the undefinable detail in the features it displays … I saw an imagined reality of how beautiful black is when it is seen for what it is.

Have you ever looked at something and it made you feel like someone had been watching you live your whole life and they just gave it color , they gave it a shape as well as a name . That is exactly what happens to me every time I see black art . This honestly has nothing to do with race and everything to do with my experience of being a black child .


Black art is a true reflection of the royalty , the strength , the love , the outspokenness and the exaggerated nature of being black . All the muscle the men had and the crowns they wore portrays the strength and the authority that is of royal status , The khangas and how they can be both a weapon of mass distraction and a shield , how they can be carriers of a strong nation. I look at them and I see the strength my mother has in her eyes when she pridefully says “I can handle it” at that moment the strength just outdoes the pride. I see that there’s more to black than what black give. Imagine that !


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