Don’t feed the Culture Vulture.

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These days we see culture vultures in almost everything, from fashion to music to even the minutest of lingo but then, they go to disregard the people that actually formed and shifted what they are literally consuming.

Culture Vultures come in all shapes and forms as they seemingly use the culture they adopt for their own benefit, however, they disrespect the same cultures they’ve adopted, i.e. Rap music has forever been a black art for expressing a view, opinions, emotions, situations literally everything has been said

before in a rap song. Now with that said, it has come to light, that some of your favs are actually culture vultures. An example being number one Vanilla Ice, a rapper (I think) who came up in the 90’s, he was practically a Caucasian knock-off version of Ice-T. He made that bubble-gum rappy song that you listen to today and call it a ‘bop’ (when its’ really hyped trash), making him really rich in the process.

The whole concept of a culture vulture is pretty simple. When a certain demographic creates something and owns it, there are bound to be copycats, however, when other demographic tries to emulate that same creation and benefits from it. They don’t pay homage, just so they can trash talk it, that is what a culture vulture is. Let me break it down for you, remember Miley Cyrus’ episode when she started acting ‘’hood’’ yet black girls were called ghetto when they were just being themselves?

Or the time Tiger Woods said he’d rather be looked at as a person of a lighter race?

Or the tired ‘’boogie’’ impersonation of black women’s attitude, dress sense, slang etc. by overtly gay white men?

Or the most recent when Post Colonizer said there isn’t any meaningful hip-hop in the scene right now (what a joke) when there’s rappers making music about issues concerning depression, heartbreak, emotional health and forth.

See, what I’m saying is, culture vultures pop up anywhere and anytime so they can use a certain culture to enrich themselves and they don’t even care about the carnage they do, as long as they get their coins. For one, cause they lack respect for anything that is proudly and unapologetically culture centred unless they can manipulate it and profit from it.

A prime example being Kylie, who legit stalks around black people so she can draw their influence and use them for her own profit. She made an empire(ish) from stealing people’s ideas, even her make up brand is a fraud as it didn’t accommodate darker coloured skin women, but then when Rihanna released her Fenty makeup brand that was super inclusive and represented black women as a whole, guess who decided to jump on that bandwagon? (rolls eyes).

In most cases, these individuals draw inspiration (as mentioned above) from other demographics, an instance being the ole famous Drizzy Drake. Some argue that Drake himself is a culture vulture, because he often embodies other cultures into his music and ends up passing as that certain demographic, as he adopts certain accents like on “Blem” and “Gyalchster” where he imitates Jamaican and British Grime respectively, even with the lingo (maybe he’s trying to appeal to that certain demo). Or in the case of Mr OJ Simpson when he said “He’s not black, he’s OJ”, adopting another culture and leeching off it for own personal gain, and the same culture (demographic) kicked him to the curb when he got acquitted.

See, my point is really, these fake people need be banned from experiencing our culture. Sure they can be taught about it so they can understand it better than to inadvertently use it just to disrespect the culture as a whole.  

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