The Ending of The Beginning

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When it all began, the next step seemed possible but what seemed impossible was the last step of The Beginning and yet here we are…

I am dedicating this piece to “The Ending of The Beginning of My Journey”- this is in the spirit of inviting progress for the next year. So I figured what better way to do so than to look back at the beginning of My Beginning – in my part of the bigger picture.

The Vacuum by Sibonelo Dumakude was the very first art piece I wrote about and the essence of The Vacuum was that it sucks out certain elements of life, depending on who has it in their possession.

What was The Vacuum used for in my life?

Well, The Vacuum served as a weapon to clean out all the negative energy in my life, it removed stains that spelt the word impossible on my canvas, it blew off the leaves that covered words that needed to be said. 

We had the opportunity to say Sawubona to Senz and had the great pleasure of viewing his art piece called Sawubona at the Sawubona Music Jam, the opportunity to witness Sensei’s like Siphokazi Jonas use words to defeat dragons and live to tell the tales, gave art a race, started an Avant-Garde revolution! And this was only the beginning …

Beginnings are backgrounds, a place for one to introduce themselves, a first home, a first step, a first impression.  So just in the spirit of ending things on a good note, it is the end of a year that has meant different things for all of us and all those things have now formed part of our backgrounds. Like art, let us improvise and make the most beautiful art piece of our backgrounds – if they seem too ugly and regretful to look at.

Let us utilise the new space The Vacuum has created to continue with better brush strokes and maybe brighter colours for a brighter future. Let us use words that speak life into our space and in the lives of those who view this beautiful art we call our lives and let us live in whatever space we have been put and speak volumes through our actions while we are at it.

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