Unanswered Tears.

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Most of us have been through a heartbreak and truth be told, the worst thing is to not have all the why’s and the how’s answered , its having to get used to the fact that you are no longer going to have either any or your preference of a relationship with that person and the worst of it all is having to face the reality of the fact that they were not on the same path as you or never even left the starting line of the journey with you and then all of a sudden you see them starting a new journey , one exactly the same as your , with the same enthusiasm they had when you where at that point together.

There I was going through WhatsApp status updates and boom I bump into Mike’s status update. He always posts these amazing art pieces on his WhatsApp statuses mind you, some of them are from esteemed and well-known artists but then there was this one, a drawing he drew. Who is he? a young, gifted creative that goes by the name of  Molefi Mpeke aka Mike. A member of the puzzle pieces family, he writes for the Music channel, one of the masterminds behind #MusicalMonday. Back to the drawing, I found a common heartbeat there fam, one that played pain like it completed the symphony to the rhythm of the beat.

This drawing is inspired by heartbreak without closure. I think it’s been clear for all of us that the most intense feeling right next to love is pain and some even say that “love is pain”,

Funny enough, even if exes are not walking with you anymore you still find them at almost all the pit stops you find along your journey, they still serenade you with their charm and great conversation because “nobody knows you like they do?” And when you walk past those pit stops questions come flooding. “If he/she knew me that well why couldn’t he/she tell that we were supposed to jump this hurdle together?” The only problem is that he/she is not there and all those questions go to bed unanswered.

Dear Mike: She might not have begun the journey with you, she might have stopped along the way or even turned back but the truth is she left because she could not continue. Let that be enough for you to continue and be content that you got that far. She is still in your life because of all the good you brought into her life that she couldn’t let go of and you allow her because all of what she is; is good for you even the bad things about her, be content that you are living proof that love is not blind but it chooses to see good even in the worst of things. And lastly, let your unanswered tears create a river that allows you to let it flow and let go.

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