Millennial Love

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Millennial (noun)

Millenials(Plural noun)

-A person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century

 With every generation comes a new kind of love and love languages even though some aspects of love and relationships are like a religion. Our foundations are different because how young people meet and communicate has changed through time.
From online dating to texting, long distance, 90-day rule and “catching feelings” these all play a big role in how things always pan out in our love lives.
Millenials are definitely moving in a different orbit when it comes to relationships. If it gets to that point of course because most times its all just reduced to having “A thing” with someone. (when two people talk over text and social media, hook up and basically have all the benefits of a relationship without the commitment.)
The downside is anything no matter how small can ruin this “thing” whether someone better shows up or the other party just took to long to reply to a text and the other one felt “mized “. Even though this thing already carries so much emotional attachment its easy to lose because it has no title, therefore, nobody feels entitled.
Also, this “thing” leaves a lot of us broken and so we get under someone to get over someone which doesn’t help the situation. More of us get hurt but if we did decide to get into a real relationship it never lasts because
-Social Media (Dm’s, who liked who’s picture)
-Always looking for the next better slay queen/ a guy with a better car and a beard that connects
-Getting Bored
-He’s broke /She’s a hoe
All these things easily blind us from the basic reasons of why people get into a relationship.
But you know me, I’m always a cheerleader of a great love story so I’m not giving up on us yet because with all the emotions invested in these flings it shows there’s still hope for us who been feeling like we are trapped in the wrong generation.
If we went back to the necessary basics like courting, real dates, commitment and stopped being superficial and materialistic.
If we realized that “come through” is a trap and subtweets are not a way to get your point across to your partner. If boyfriend marathons were not a real thing and relationships weren’t for social media status and entertainment, maybe we all wouldn’t be so drained.
Let’s return to love!

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