Love and Music.

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Love, ‘tis the month of love where you spend time with your significant other, bonding, and nurturing each other, while the soundtrack of your love plays in the background because sharing playlists is a prerequisite in this modern day life. Because Music is a part of our lives, as it is an expression of emotions, views and opinions, but lets’ be honest, what’s better than a love song that reminds you of your “Muffin”.


Love is usually the most expressed emotion within, because spreading love, and telling your girl how you love her with all your mind, soul and body while wearing a leather jacket and some baby oil (lol every music video in the ‘90s was like this) while dancing to a KC & Jojo song while doing meticulous dance moves that would make the King of Pop himself jealous. See, what Music really teaches us is that, you can literally pen down your feelings and they could be received in such a way that it adds substance to your someone else’s life experience, relationship, even in situations.

An example to this is, during the early stages of relationships, where you each getting to know each other, finding out, what you like/dislike, then, a song starts playing in the background that catches her attention, while you converse, you see her eyes light up with bewilderment, her ears perk up, she starts humming under hear breath, until she says: “I never thought you listen to this” because you want to play the cool guy, you brush it off (trying to stay cool as a refreshing beer) and you dig up more of these sounds, and this is where the love story begins, because now, every time you hear a song or hear a certain artist, you remember that person and that’s how one falls.

Sharing playlists and movies and other things with your significant other not only strengthens the bond between the both of you, it creates the soundtrack to your lives, it creates reference moments for the both of you, and it creates inside jokes that make you giggle on the taxi home, because Love is as abstract as Air (though air keeps us alive), Love keeps us living, and live on we should, not only to grow but experience through the sounds of Music, as sung in Moulin Rouge “The Hills, are alive with sound of music” (I recommend the movie Moulin Rouge for your lovey dovey tings). But love is bigger than all the sexually gratifying content we’ve been fed these past few years. Though we have been blessed with honest musicians that make music that would last a whole entire generation as it carves its way into the heart.  instead of the garbage that lasts a season.

Love is, a feeling, a person, a thing, a smell, a sound, a place, a touch, a song, an album, a movie, a documentary, a drink. Love is You and I.

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