Love cannot lose

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“Love conquers all”  I always fail to understand people who talk about love being a losing game. Never has it been that I bumped into an art piece that happened to connect to my own personal life. I was going through paintings and I found this one and my story was told with a paintbrush and different shades of paint.

 I don’t know who painted it, I am definitely sure this talented artist is from Indonesia but here’s the link, I found it here: Rebanas. So this painting right …  



I happen to be born into the anti-love generation. Countless times have I told my mother that I was born into the wrong generation, I am a sucker for love. I love, LOVE. I want to love and be loved back just the way I am, have romantic gestures sent out to me simply because they feel I deserve such you know.

 So yes , I found it and yes it felt like it from the moment he sang the lines of HHP and Unathi’s song titled you make me happy (he couldn’t sing to save his life by the way) and things were a done deal when he gave me a bracelet that changed my life forever! It was those corny bracelets with alphabets and they spelled the word Thindex. Thindex is a combination of the word thumb and index put together and we all know that when they are put together they make a circle “and within that circle lays God” he said “Every planet in the universe is said to be round, the universe must be round and that’s how big my love for you is”  … Sweety I was 18 and had found my Romeo under that Jacaranda tree down my street!


Just like Romeo and Juliet, this love story has a bittersweet end. The poison I drank was the truth from Romeo’s first owner. “Ele gore how long have you been with this guy?” she asked . “six months” I confidently answered. Fam her response was “We have been together for a year”.

All ended and seemed to have died. Until I realized that as much as I hated loving him after all of that not even hate could hold me back from wanting great things to happen in his life, from looking at him and seeing exactly what I saw under babuMthandi’s Jacaranda tree.

I hated that I loved him but I could never hate him. All the love lost was for him to keep and all the love gained was for me to keep my sanity and be content that it grew. I realized that people like me are brought into this generation to remind people that love is real, that love is not blind it only chooses to appreciate even the bad.hope that it will be overcome by the good and I have faith in the power that love possesses.  

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