Tunes that deem a thug tear#MusicalMonday

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In the spirit of the month of love, here, is a selection of tunes that will make you think of your lover. Tunes that evoke a certain emotion that just deems a thug tear. These are songs that add to the meaning of life and love. So here’s the playlist for the week

J. Cole – Dreams (feat. Brandon Hines)

To start things off, I bring forth Jermain Cole, from his 2009 mixtape The Warm Up. The chosen song from this beautiful masterpiece of a mixtape is Dreams, of which is a tale about this one girl that he really likes but isn’t really sure of who she is, so he goes out his way to get her, a sweet tune that involves lust, desire, even murder (in his mind). Nevertheless, this is one song that gents might love as it’s so relatable, and the trumpet that accompanies J. Coles soothing yet commanding voice doesn’t do justice to the imagery that’s created, where he says; See, in my mind its’ like I’m perfect for her, I gotta show her, but sadly in reality dawg I don’t even know her, but still somehow she got my mind infatuated, absolutely fascinated with the thoughts of what she might be like.” Referring to the girl he once saw that one time, at that one place, as he continues with saying that she’s the girl of his dreams. J. Cole is truly one of the best storytellers in the game, and this tape was telling of what was to come.

Jaden Smith – Ninety

Remember Will Smith’s kid that was in the Karate Kid? Yeah, wrote about him a few weeks ago, well, the young boy is back on the weekly playlist, this time with one of his songs from his current album SYRE. The chosen tune this week is Ninety, where he talks about his lovers’ life and spicing it up with enlightening conversation rather than with superficial and sexual pleasures except for the fact that she’s never around as he raps;” When I open my eyes, I wish to see you, but your phone doesn’t ring and you’re gone all time but I guess you’re somewhere with your crew” though the song has a beautiful change where young Jaden sings “Saying that we’ll run away, I really doubt that we’ll go, I hope the sunset with stay, we travelled too far from home”. Man, this song does something spectacular to me.

Mac Miller – You

Bet your favourite rapper can’t make a full jazz tape that takes the panties of girls? I didn’t think so, but my favourite rapper did, with Mac Miller aka Larry Lovestein granting us mere mortals with the smoothest jazz transitions ever that will have you slow dancing with your partner while telling them that “Baby, you, took me by surprise, I swear I see the whole world in your eyes, next time you’re sad and lone, please let my love take you home, baby, you, no one but you, it’s only you, nobody, nobody but you”. Oh, man writing about this song doesn’t  do any justice to it, because wow Macadelic hit it out the park while being accompanied by The Velvet Revival. Truly a masterpiece that’s going to stand the test of time of which I’ll be playing until the end of time.

Drake – Little Bit (feat. Lykke Li)

Remember when Drizzy Drake was the next hot thing that was discovered by Weezy F Baby (and the F is for Phenomenal). When Drake was straight coming for everybody’s neck and girl (he attained a few) while releasing the hardest hits of 2009 with songs like Successful and Best I Ever had which roved to launch his career. Nevertheless, this one song from the mixtape So Far Gone where he features Swedish vocalist Lykke Li to help him out as they comfortably serenade you into telling your lover that you’re “A little bit in love with you”. A beautiful song produced by Drake’s longtime best friend “40”, so you already know its heat. Beautiful song to bring nostalgia.

Daniel Caesar – Transform (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)

Oh My Goodness, what hath we do to deserve Daniel Caesar, because this man has created one of the most solid works of art that haven’t been seen in a while in the RnB genre, I’m not taking credit away from anyone but this boy’s sound, composition, overall feel of his songs is just straight up addictive. Freudian is probably one of the best albums to come out in 2017 and it is quite probably so underrated, thought the music speaks for itself, especially in Transform where the transition just lights up the song, as it changes from a soothing acapella to a gut-wrenching percussion that will have you singing along saying;” It’s never over until life ends, lay down beside me, do it again”. Now as we eagerly anticipate this man’s next work.

S/O to all the amazing artists featured in this weeks playlist of love. Subscribe to get instant notification of upcoming playlist #MusicalMonday.

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