Hate-Love Generation #WokeWednesday

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Millennial love means love-hate in this week’s woke. You know how everyone is not trying to catch “feelings” lately, that’s the only way.  It’s easier, safer and there are no strings attached on your end. We are love smart, there’s no time to be fooled by love because love is for fools right? 

Millennials have given up on feelings , most say it’s because  feelings complicate things so we settle for anything else that doesn’t cause a cycle of broken people who got themselves in situationships and got hurt and people  who just go about relationships with expectations of it not working out with no effort from both parties to make it work . I have found myself feeling like I am stuck in the wrong generation because when it comes to relationships I would rather have it all or nothing which is a sentiment that most young people do not share with me.

This no feelings thing is quite contagious because truthfully fear can be a very faithful partner after heartbreak, nobody was born afraid of feelings instead we were born to feel, that’s the first thing we do, from conception. Then we all meet heartbreak and with that comes pain and because we are so used to love coming with feelings that lead us in love and choosing which ones to follow exactly because we choose to love people differently. The same with pain, we choose how to deal with the pain and millennials choose fear to be their guard to protect their painful scars. I choose differently and that’s why I feel I am only a millennial by association. I choose love to lead me even in case of heartbreak, giving love to the right people and receiving it as well from that right people.

Face it Millennials, we were made to love, we are factories for feels. Embrace who you are.


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