New Sound Alert! #MusicalMonday

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 We are back with sounds from all four corners of the globe featuring mystery rapper that outshines Kendrick, a rapping mom, controversial Nakhane and then some. Enjoy.
1. Opps by Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples and Yugen Blakrok
This is one of the stellar songs from the soundtrack album for the much anticipated Black Panther movie which features Kendrick Lamar on every song, he brought along some friends though. The EDM beat gels well with Vince’s current choice of sound, however, a young South African rapper who goes by Yugen Blakrok upstages both of them by some distance. Interest is swirling around her right now and we’re staying tuned.
2. Temporal by Buscabulla
This duo from the NYC makes what house heads at groove call “tribal” well at least for this song. The music they make makes you wanna move and what genre you try to box them into is your baby.
3. Clairvoyant by Nakhane
 Truly an entertainment force amongst forces Nakhane has grown immensely as an artist and has picked up bags of controversy on the way for his on-screen antics. Anyway, back to the music on this song he gives us another facet of his talent; his voice over a menacing pulsating beat that he meets at the peak. He’s so up for the task.
4. Power by Joy Crookes
A fresh voice with witty and often smart writing coupled with a cool cadence is what you get from Joy Crookes. She flexes her vocal range with the slightest changes. This is a powerful message for the masses and especially women.
5. High by Christian Rich featuring Vince Staples and Bia
 Christian Rich is a duo of super producers that have worked with some elites in the game. Here, they team up with Vince and little known Bia with the former delivering a blistering 30-second verse declaring women to be psycho while Bia shows her how psycho they can get.
6. Rules by Bbymutha
Already having garnered praise from the likes of Earl Sweatshirt and Björk, Bbymutha is a weird addition to the game. Weird is good she’s a devoted mom and family oriented that’s sure to garner a different following. She looks like the woman next door only once she raps can you see that she’s a star, casually dropping gems of advice over how pussy should be distributed.
7. Stout by Sponch Makhekhe and Vusinator
Quietly working, Sponch Makhekhe has been crafting his sound and has come with another jam perfect for alcohol-laced nights with very little clothing and litres of alcohol. He linked up with frequent collaborator Vusinator. Download the single Here

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