New Month, New Week, New Playlist.

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New Month, New Week, New Possibilities, what not better than a playlist that’ll get you through it. This is this week’s playlist, filled with jams you probably missed during the Hectic Easter Week/end.

Espacio Dios – dEMOn

Espacio Dios, a native Mafikeng kid with a sound that’s as different as his adlibs and he pseudo-sing-raps over a beat as smooth as silk on an Arab man. As he sings “I don’t know how to treat you better, we both know that forever’s never forever, love grow on trees, what do you want from me, oh honey, honey please, don’t take this personally, I don’t want your love, I want your energy, I want to touch you, not stare, wanna f**k right here” Man!!! This song really grew on me and it has not stopped being on rotation, lend an ear

to the young fella as I firmly give the stamp of approval of this.

Okay Wasabi –  Speedin’ (feat. ENKEI)

What more can be said about the GOAT that is George Mnguni, as he hath blessed us mere mortals with yet, another masterpiece, this time the genius that is the man, dropped with Love from Marabastad an all RnB mixtape that has a bunch of fire tunes that’ll probably have you dancing with your girl. On this particular song, he is accompanied by ENKEI as he sings “I’ve got this feeling, gotta get you, and I’m speeding on my way to you” while Wasabi also pseudo-sing-raps about the thrills of courtship during the “we just talking” phase. A really dope tune that’s also been on rotation since wLfM dropped.


Logic – Contra

Bobby back, this time he came back more confident and ready to dismantle any doubt of his talent. Logic has now given us the Bobby Tarantino 2, the predecessor of Bobby Tarantino of which was one of last year’s best releases and this one is no different (though a little different). On this particular mixtape, Bobby comes guns blazing with some noticeable features like Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, 2 Chainz and surprisingly Rick and Morty (they intro the entire tape). On Contra (video game reference the same as Super Mario World), Bobby discusses how he handles the new fame, with new fans that weren’t there in the beginning, as he delivers like a semi-automatic. Logic isn’t here to play any games with you guys.

Nessly – Back 2 Life

Nessly is still finessing, this time he’s a Wildflower (his new album), which still sounds the Nessly we all know but a bit more grown up, with noticeable features such as Ski Mas the Slump God and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Though on “Back2Life” he comes into his own, the Take A Daytrip produced song gives Nessly a platform that he didn’t waste. Though he isn’t the most lyrical rapper out there the OVO signed man does produce quality hits, and this one is right up there with his best, as the trap rapper raps his chorus “I just called my ex and I just died, sip that lean and it just brought me back to life, count these band, I will not shuck or jive, F***ked that bitch like I want her to die” The young boy is worth a listen.

The Weeknd – Try Me

Guess who’s back to his dark and mysterious ways, all hail XO and its leader The Weeknd. My man came back with a whole Ep that will have you bobbing your head and crying at the same time. This time on My Sweet Melanchony, the 6 track EP is filled with emotion and triggering lyrics. The chosen song, Try Me, which features the sombre and haunting Weeknd we (I) fell in love with, as in this instance, he tries to convince his ex to leave her man for him. A beautiful tune that features the production of Mike WiLL Made-It, as he sings the chorus “Can you try me? (try me), try me (try me), Once you put your pride aside you can notify me (-fy me) –fy me (-fy me), You’re the best I ever had, Baby girl remind me (-mind me), -mind me (-mind me), Let me know if it’s on, and You know where to find me, find me, having thoughts you never had

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