Problematic Artists

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In this day and age, we come to realise that most of our favourite artists are quite problematic, either by being sexual predators to abusive in their relationships, but somehow people still support them despite their terrible ways and implications of their ways.

We look up to musicians because they give us beautiful music that we create memories from and of which lasts generations, however, these same musicians blind us with their content to hide their terrible actions. In the most recent cases, Fabolous, a legendary Queens rapper, was recorded beating up his girlfriend, and in the process, he knocked her front teeth out and even threatened the girlfriend’s father.

Recording artist Fabolous  (Photo by Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Image

Now upon receiving this disturbing news, I felt a wave of disappointment overrun me, because I once listened to Funeral Fab religiously, and to me, he could not do any wrong. Now one of my idols is an abusive prick, and that made me realize how many other artists have been doing this for a number of years. Being abusive, physically, emotionally and even financially, I had to cancel Fab because of his trash ways.

Recording Artist Tekashi 69

However, being trash is mutually exclusive to OG rapper, no, the younger generation of rappers is proving to be more disgusting. An example being, Tekashi 69, a somewhat gangster appropriating white rapper that looks like he doodled on his face, this specific specimen, is overtly rubbish, Firstly He’s a Hispanic rapper appropriating rap. Secondly, this man is a known paedophile (he’s been arrested for this), I mean really, how can you be supporting a paedophile? How Sway? This doesn’t exclude our Aunties and Uncles supporting R. Kelly who is known to having a cult filled with young girls, made a sex tape peeing on a little girl, and in one interview he was asked, is he like teenagers, and this man had the audacity to ask “What do you consider teenager?” REALLY KELLS? REALLY? That should have been a red flag from the beginning, yet here we are, supporting a paedophile

The list goes on and on concerning the problematic individuals that should be locked up for their heinous crimes, however, we know, having a lot of money gives you access to the best lawyers. An example being, XXXTENTACTION (I think), who was arrested on charges of beating his pregnant girlfriend (I mean, that’s already a red flag) yet somehow this man managed to blow up while he was in prison (funny enough), yet months after he was released, there he goes again slapping someone’s daughter for no apparent reason, yet there are still people caping for this fool. Same goes for Kodak Black, known rapist and abuser, who’s currently in prison (thank God) for violating his parole, however, people are still supporting this madness. In an age where women are more likely to be kidnapped, raped and murdered people are still supporting this toxicity brought by the likes as if it’s no problem, baffles me really.

In any case, this is not mutually exclusive to musicians, directors, producers and a whole lot of industry giants are also as bad even worse in some cases. The entertainment industry is just filled with abusers that are opportunistic and would do anything for a cheque and power, because most of these victims aren’t even well known, yet they are subjected to all kinds of abuse from different types of industry giants because they want to make it. Saddening really. I really hope the narrative changes where people aren’t taken advantage of because they want to be part of something bigger than them.

In a nutshell, cancel them all, even the friends that you hang around with must be cancelled if they are toxic, abusive, homophobic, sexual predators, really, if they are just rubbish cut them off and don’t support them. You deserve better.

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