Music’s Top Tier

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There are new challenges for music’s top tier and the ones already there are upping the pace. Puzzle Pieces has a new playlist for you to have you dancing in public spaces without shame. Enjoy.

10k (feat Recks) by Parlemo
Soundcloud keeps on bearing fruit which pisses me off because you’ll never hear of this on your favourite radio station or on MTV but that’s our job. Parlemo eases onto this beat with a cool feature from Recks. They just want the money and Siri’s probably showing them the way.


Yours by Alina Baraz
Following her sterling first effort, which she worked on with producer Galimatias without ever meeting, Alina Baraz is back being a brilliant songstress on The Colour of You which she dropped out of the blue after emerging from the wherever it is singers go to hide from us with more brilliance.


Call Out My Name by The Weeknd
The thirst of sadbois and sadgals everywhere has been quenched with the recent release of ‘My Dear Melancholy,’ by The Weeknd and has him back exploring the themes that garnered him a cult following. Someone broke his heart again, he was crying on The Coachella stage while performing some songs from the EP.


Okra by Tyler, The Creator
The gravel-voiced Tyler spazzes on this bass-heavy track that doubles up as an ad for his Golf Le Fleur clothing line and his recent Converse endorsement. Again, he addresses the end of Odd Future as the longtime friends seem to be headed towards different artistic avenues and ventures.


Forever by A$AP Rocky
First off, the visuals for this are absolutely mind-bending and signals that the long-awaited album from the de facto leader of the A$AP Mob is on the way following work on the Cozy Tape vol.2, a sprinkle of features here and there and being in a huge creative role for MTV had him busy much. The rap world is salivating.


Date by WDNG Crshrs
Unsure if you’re on a date or not? The WDNG Crshrs give you advice like splitting the bill and such in a cool, conversational delivery that sounds like a freestyle drunk session in a studio somewhere in Atlanta. Listen to Date by WDNG Crshrs on Spotify Here


Get The Fuck Off My Dick by Vince Staples
Vince Staples has been up in arms with his fairer skinned fans as of late telling them they can’t chant his name when he’s backstage because they haven’t earned the right and other antics like launching a GoFundMe page claiming he’s broke. It all turned out to be a shrewd marketing plan for this song in which he addresses how he still hates fame and stating that money isn’t his biggest motivational factor.

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