Is the race card overplayed? #WokeWednesday

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“Is it because I am black?” said an angry black young man at the till this morning, to a black cashier! I bet you 99% of the black community has either used or heard this line before well most of the time not to a black person. This got me thinking about this whole race card thing, is it being overused?  I for one have always felt obliged to the race card. Black people according to me have the copyright to that shandis. And that is definitely because of what our race has been through in the past. I mean according to people who were living during the time when racism was rife the wounds are not scars yet and for me as a black born free racism is still alive and kicking all though not practised like before but it is still practised.  

So I went and asked a few of my friends and one of them said “We have a birthright to the race card” and another said “the race card is overused and we cannot always assume we are deprived or obliged to some things just because of our race. We need to stop making black a victim and realise we can rise above whatever is placed to hinder us of any sort of progress because of our race.”  , this is the one that caught my attention “Racism is one distinct feature we as black people are receivers of and not users of. We, therefore, can use the race card to open closed doors and to fight institutional exclusions that impede on black excellence.”

Things I get from these statements is that. 1. The race card is viewed as more than just a bunch of phrases that are cowardly used by a race that feels victimised but a group of weapons to a race that has been shot while they were unarmed and accused of losing a war they did not agree to be a part of. 2. The race card should be left behind, there’s no point. It might be effective in some ways but it is not necessary. As soon as we remove the past from our eyes we will then realise that we are not victims anymore simply because we chose to . 3. The race card is a tool to emancipate the entire idea of what it means to be black.

Here’s what I think, the race card is not overused in actual fact it is not used enough. One thing that white people should always understand is that the race card is not meant to offend anyone but meant to remind an individual that when it comes to issues like wealth distribution, education and the whole concept of fairness not forgetting the very concept of living, black has always been the complete opposite of white. It is not being negative, it is facing a reality. Even in moments when we are not going to raise the race card, our situations will shout “this is because I am black.”

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