This is what tomorrow sounds like. #MusicalMonday

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Puzzle Pieces is back with the future, the current and everything in between the drums and vocals to get your head bobbing and also, to get you thinking.

1. Guap by Yaeji
Yaeji explores a sound that has seen all kinds of styles and vocalists in a fresh, eclectic way almost as if she discovered house/dance music. It’s uncluttered and she scatters Korean lyrics here and there because that’s not what she’s ready to share with you.

2. All The Time by Ye Ali
It doesn’t get smoother than this. Ye Ali hypnotizes you for at least 2 minutes as he drags you into his world of lust, love for the dollar and his fear of his girl falling pregnant.

3. Body by Sinéad Harnett
Sinéad bares it all for us on this gorgeous, guitar/base heavy instrumental. She yearns for a secretive relationship with someone who’s clearly bad for her. She’s absolutely gorgeous and makes you wonder where the guy found the Dragon Balls to wish her into his life.

4. Drowning by PYRMDPLAZA
If you follow the beat scene and weird labels like Stones Throw and Soulection you’ll definitely come across PYRMDPLAZA and their signature sound/style of remixing songs and breathing new life into then. This one swirls into a banjo or piano keys to create a chaotic soundscape.

5. Respeita by Sango featuring Dkvpz
Sango has been making waves recently, dabbling in genres, switching languages and featuring obscure artists from all over the world. This cut from his offering De Mim, Pra Proveq is very wavy and will have you hitting the roof of your car in excitement and starting parties in hallways.

6. Ways by Black Atlass
Black Atlass pulls you into his dark world with drums that have been tweaked to match a dark club with various amounts of free drugs. He uses a strange way of lacing lyrics in a whispery tone almost as if he wants you to go and decode them later on at your leisure. You’ll have fun doing it.

7. This Is America by Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino has risen as black America’s large, looming creative that scares everyone else who’s doesn’t share his worldview and seemingly occupying the space Kanye West once occupied. This video is a detailed on what America really is and the bubble that entertainers and the rich choose to exist in because ignorance is bliss. This will blow your mind.

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