Young single Mothers. #WokeWednesday

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This week’s woke is for a popular group of unsung heroes, Young single Mothers. Being a mother is more than just changing nappies, time out and nap time. It’s about a whole entire human being rearranging your life, it’s about nap time being your happy hour, being an encyclopedia of all things around you, knowing what to say when the most unexpected questions come up. Imagine having to do this all alone. I think more than anything the best role that every single mother has played is the role of a father.

It is a common idea that when one becomes a parent there’s no more or little hope for your dream as an individual, more especially for a single mother. It’s even worse amongst the black community. Single mothers are being disregarded. It is considered a disgrace, people make a mockery out of it and what’s even worse is that majority of the black community is being raised by single mothers. Single motherhood is viewed with various misconceptions. For one, when you are a single mother it is assumed that your only purpose in life is to live for the child. Thus causing a mentality of saying a child is a hindrance to your individual success.  To all young Single Mothers: You are you before you are somebody’s mother, you need to be you in order to be someone’s mother. You are the best father a child could ever ask for. You chose to make motherhood a part of your journey and not a hindrance to reaching your success and there is no greater gift any child can get than that. You are doing the best you can and that is good enough. #Wokewednesday

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