How to break away from a cliché mother’s day celebration.

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Over the years mother’s day has been an important day dedicated to appreciate and make mothers feel loved but it has also become easy for the day to be cliché I mean how many ” I love you mom” Mugs and Teddy bears does she need? not to mention those tacky fake Rose’s with breakfast in bed. These things all come from a good place, yes,  but maybe we need to switch it up this year and give her a mothers day that is meaningful and unforgettable. In the same spirit here are a few suggestions that won’t be too heavy on the pocket but will definitely put a smile on her face.

1.Book club membership
After all the knowledge your mother has passed on to you the best way to return the favour is to fill up her tank of knowledge and allow her to expand her knowledge. There are a number of book clubs in and around where you live. Just use the internet to find one for mom.


 2.CPR classes
Everyone knows a mother can easily switch from mother to friend, to chef and these classes will definitely give her one more way to be there for her children. Equipping her with some skills she will need when faced with a life-threatening situation is one of the most meaningful gifts you can ever give.
3. Spar Day
Now, this may be a little overplayed but with Mama bear juggling between Motherhood and a career, or running the household, a day of pampering is always important to help her regroup and gather herself. Again just use the internet to find a place suitable for mom and your budget.
4.Women gathering Picnics
Being around women, sharing experiences and talking to other great mothers with good food and wine will easily make you the favourite kid for the rest of the year. Surprise her with a well-organised picnic with good company.
5.Comedy nights ticket’s

Laughter is the way to a woman’s heart, she will give you all the hugs and kisses after a good night out filled with laughter. Use the internet to look up comedy clubs/shows in and around you.

6.Financial advice seminars
Financial freedom and stability is every mother’s dream. This will be very beneficial for not just her but the whole family when she makes good financial decisions for the future of the family.
7.Shopping Vouchers
Women love shopping! This is no secret, this will have mama bragging to her friends about her new shoes that you helped her buy. More points earned.
Mother’s give so much to us, we owe it to them not to be broken records and be innovative in making her feel special without it looking like its a drag.
So go on out and spoil your mother. Happy Mothers day from Sky and the Puzzle Pieces team.

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