King Bass with the Voice notes #NewMusicAlert

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Guess who’s back doing major things? You guessed it right Gershon King Bass is outchea with one of the most chilled out released of the year.

The whole tape starts off with a Voice note from a Bad Chick (name of the song) as she tells the man himself how infatuated she is with his sound. As track starts with a beat drop that you’ll have you searching your Bae as Mr Bass serenades with his trap-soul vibe. The track features NZY and the man accompanies the beat with a slow as smooth as silk.

And this sets the vibe for the rest of the tape as it has features that he’s released before such as “So Far Gone”, “Kriss Kross” and covers such as “Baddest”, “Don’t Forget to Pray” and “Day One” though this time these are full releases that have been tweaked nevertheless they won’t make you doubt the mans skill and singing abilities as he’s accompanied by NZY through most of the tunes.

Gershon is really one of those hidden gems that you find on your SoundCloud and you just can’t get enough of him from that point forward, and now he has created a much smoother wholesome tape that you’ll be playing repeatedly, so click the link and feed your ears on Gershon Bass’ VoiceNotes


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