Daddy’s Not Home

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I came across this piece of art on my timeline posted by one of my friends no reference, no author’s name nothing. It captured me; it spoke of a reality I am accustomed to by association. The absence of a male figure.

So I went ahead and I uploaded it on my Whatsapp status and the comments came flooding! All of them had a few things in common like the fact that the father is absent, empty promises, a single mother and I agree with them but I couldn’t help but see a different kind of Absence…

I saw a man that is absent because in that woman’s mind he has become a grey cloud only there to water its seed with his rain. I see a woman that’s holding on with dear strength for the sake of security.  I couldn’t help but see how bare she was with her guard now even down but completely gone and taken by words like “kuyabekezelwa”.

Of course, at first I was misled by the smile on the child’s face and the father’s hand but then I took a look at the mother’s eyes hoping to look into them but they were shut like it was the only way to protect what’s left of her. 

This is the worst kind of absence; it is a kind that is longed for by someone else simply because your presence kills their very existence even within themselves. Here’s a new year’s resolution for anyone who read this and saw a reflection of their reality; no more holding on to anything that bruises you. This is the year of the fall of depression.

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