Hash The Big Fish

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Having only being released late March I can confidently vouch for ‘Young’ being the best project to drop in SA rap this year and that’s only because you chose that box to fit it in.

Following his first effort ‘The Life + Times of A Teenage Influence’ which was released on the independent powerhouse, Innanetwav. (UU), The Big Hash has continued his meteoric rise knocking features with Ricky Rick and A-Reece out the park and dropping his colossal sophomore effort ‘Young’ which is a collage of some elite production and virtuoso flows even from the guest features. It feels very cohesive and the attention to details is kept to the highest standards.

Like I said at the beginning this project is only a rap/hip-hop album if you choose to look at it through that lens. The Big Hash packs streams of experimentation but never leaves rapping as how he primarily delivers his narrative as he touches on the relationships with his parents, budding romances and all the trappings that come with fame and new money. He sounds focused and visceral on “Nothing Comes Free” and flexes his vocal range to great effect throughout the tape most notably on “Ringtone”. Nods should be aimed at 808x and Southside Mohammed amongst others for the stellar beat cooking (chef kiss).

His is a story you can’t help but gravitate towards, so consumed was he by his dream he dropped out of school in the second term of the tenth grade and strained the relationship with his mother to its limits but his efforts have resulted in the perfect come up and if musicians get better with age we’ve got one for the ages in The Big Hash.

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