Long Live Die Dope.

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Zoocci Coke Dope and Die Mondez might have dropped the best duo effort since AKA and Anatii linked up and the proof is in the play button.  Following his sprawling production work for many artists (including Blaklez, A-Reece, Flame, and Bigstar Johnson to name a few) Zoocci Coke Dope and Die Mondez form a cohesive team on Die Dope and have a solid formula for future projects with Zoocci on the boards and Die Mondez on the raps trading verses so easily it’s often hard to tell them apart. The duo has managed to create their own little pocket in the muddled world of today’s mainstream acts with clever uses of sound clips from a number of familiar movies and personalities, most notably, Zlatan Ibrahimovic detailing his come up in a world that doesn’t get him.

Zoocci and Die Mondez are well aware that this type of sound might not have traction in this market but if they are the pioneers of this sound then it’s expected that our taste buds need a minute to adjust.

The production is flawless and serves as a perfect coaster for the braggadocios, clever two-liners that litter the whole project plus with Zoocci on this team, a very prolific producer behind some of your favorite hits, it is apparent he saved the best beats for himself. Over winding 808’s and hi-hats they give you a comfy front row seat to their world as young acts in the game with new money, fame, a dismissive attitude to love as a distraction and the consequences that arise. This is a labor of love with crazy replay value inspired by film, comedy, Latin music elements and many other ingredients that stew together well enough to set it apart from anything to ever drop this side of the equator.

Standout track: a tossup between ‘Rare Intro’ and ‘Different’

Rating: 9 puzzles

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