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Samson’s well-Oiled community

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In light of all the social ills happening in South Africa, Samson’s Oil is an agent of change by breeding a new-age type of man and these are bearded men. Male grooming has created a shift in the way society views bearded men. The beard is no longer the mark of a lazy bum but is now synonymous with health and progression. In the long saga of human civilization, it is undeniable that beardedness is closely linked to greatness.

Founded in 2016 by Mzimkhulu Nyaba and Sindi Mkhwanazi, Samson’s Oil is a black-owned company that provides grooming solutions for men in South Africa and their handcrafted beard oil has now become the flagship product. The brand’s sole mission from day one is to change the way society views men and break all beard stereotypes by creating a community of bearded men, providing education & inspiration to other men whilst offering class-leading products. “We have a mission to do more than deliver excellent products. We also focus on providing a wide variety of tools that men need to improve themselves. Male grooming has created a shift in the way society views beards-men. It takes a certain kind of man to grow his beard. It takes patience, a disregard for convention, a will to innovate, and a desire to stand out. The beard revolution is a positive one which can be used to support other causes such as the fight against violence on women and children.”

If you are wondering, who is Samson? Well, Samson is the urban Beards-man who invests in himself and has the power to invest in his family, his friends, his career, and his community. Amazingly, self-investment can start with a simple grooming routine and ultimately lead to a better world. Over and above being a distinct brand, Samson’s Oil wants to become the go-to place for clients and community can come to refresh their minds and bodies, replenish their energy and network in their very own grooming lounge. Follow them on all social media platforms @Samson’s Oil, Bearded or not,this is definitely a community to be a part of.

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