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GVNG SXSA is in the confessional booth in NEW single “Church”

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GVNG SXSA has been sharpening his pen game lately displaying the ability to sculpt highly conceptualized storytelling (see GTA Freestyle), vicious hooks and clever one-liners littering his string of loosely released freestyles.

His latest offering “Church” details his fears and outlines his ambitious using uncluttered rhyme schemes that put you in his shoes, offering you his world view while coasting over a spacey instrumental that gives him the freedom to maneuver how he sees fit. I suspect he’s got wizards behind the boards in his camp because the beats his hopping on are well cooked, even a fussy Gordon Ramsay would applaud.

Judging by the string of freestyles and loose singles GVNG SXSV is just warming up and the streets are starting to take notice. I for one am doing the Birdman hand rub waiting for his first solid body of work.

stream “Church” by GVNG SXSA below : ( Click On the Image)

Church by GVNG SXSV

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