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Quarantine & Chill Amapiano Mix Series by DeeKay the DeeJay

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Music is food for the soul, so they say, I say soulful music pierces the heart and penetrates the soul. That’s what you can look forward to in the next instalment of the Quarantine & Chill Amapiano mix series by local female DJ, DeeKay the DeeJay. With the soulful movement noticed within the genre, you can surely look forward to heart felt lyrics and nostalgic house songs mashed up with a Amapiano feel.

The ‘Quarantine and Chill Amapiano Mix’ series is on its third offering and it’s been a trip filled with those new ‘Dejavu’ songs. It is the first time hearing it but it bangs as if you’ve known it all your life, that’s the Deekay promise.  She throws in some classics here and there, that will have you beating the treble and singing along, This is the new age, this is the new music, this is Deekay The DeeJay.

Take a trip in Deekay’s Amapiano world below and look out for her latest drop, Tomorrow July 17th.

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