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I took a journey to the sun in the AM’s one morning and it felt like a jazzy summer. Stumbling across South African talent on SoundCloud that  gave me a rush I can only liken to a drug high. I feel like I can claim the die-hard fan title once my new discovery receives the acclaim and fame that shouldn’t be too far off now.

Ubertothesun gives me that high I live to chase, with production by himself (using Garage Band) and a few collaborators, he still claims to be on a journey of carving out his own sonic niche in a constantly saturated game and on the way to whatever he feels is his destination he knocks a couple out the park.

As earlier stated, listening to songs like ‘Direction’ and ‘Riversonggg‘ past midnight will have you on an introspective journey on life, love and everything in between where Uber literally takes you to the sun. It’s very evident that he’s answering a myriad of questions and heals himself while making these songs which mostly sound like slices of summer and if you relate to any of these songs then you’re on that trip with him.

A winning combination of uniqueness, talent with the pen and on the boards, plus the ability to give you that tingling feeling one gets listening to a song they’ll still find their way back to years from now, Ubertothesun is the driver and we’re all Icarus in the backseat – waiting to get burnt after we give him a 5 star rating.


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