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HappyGirlsWorldwide Sanitary Pad Drive.

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Behind a strong woman is a tribe of stronger women. Introducing  HappyGirlsWorldwide a movement established in 2018 by Masentle Ntsimane, bringing Tebogo Jonas on board with the hopes of making a change in Johannesburg and ultimately South Africa through charity drives. Their passion is women and children.

As a result they will be running a Sanitary towel drive which will be on Women’s day 9 August 2020. Their  goal being having to collect at least,  100 pads by the end of the day. Their aim being to donate them to 2 shelters, The House Group Shelter as well as The Eldorado Park Women’s Forum.

If you would like to donate you can contact them at 0685872801 or send a dm on their Instagram @_ _happygirlsworldwide or Twitter @ _ _ happygirls   Let’s be apart of this motion to bring aid and  help women embrace one of the most amazing superpowers a women has, the ability to bleed every single month without dying. Let’s celebrate nature, because blessings to the earth come through a woman.

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