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Catching up with your fav spot ChilliPepper

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Chillipepper is located one of the busiest streets in Soweto,  Immink drive in Diepkloof. The restaurant is known for it’s delicious Kota and a great vibe,  those who have been there know that Chillipepper has a life of its own.

The Kota is hands down their best selling item, made with their delicious sauce, which might soon be available for purchase at the restaurant. New menu items to be added to the menu such as wings made with their secret sauce. Chillipepper restaurant was founded by Lekko engineering and was built in 2017 between May and June, but the restaurant’s official opening was only on the 9th of September 2017. It is run by five directors Percy, Pam, Mlungisi, Lebo, and Aubrey.

Director; Percy (right) Manager; Sam (left)

The restaurant has undergone some significant changes since lockdown has been implemented, which has impacted the business a lot; they have lost a lot of money due to COVID-19/lockdown restrictions. This pandemic caused them to cut down on their staff and working hours. They previously had 8 people working per shift and now can only afford to have 4 people working per shift. However, this doesn’t affect the service or service quality.

To ensure that they comply with lockdown health and safety regulations, they screen every employee at the beginning and end of each shift, sanitize the workspace, and their hands. There is tape on the floor indicating the distance. Customers are to sanitize their hands before collecting their orders.

If you are within the 15km radius of the restaurant, you can place an order through chucks delivery app; you can download it from the app store or google play. Cash or card payment is accepted on the app. They have a strict no mask, no entry policy, so the next time you pop by, remember your mask!

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