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So many times we’ve heard the phrase  “It begins with you” then all of a sudden this great desire for self discovery is ignited, and all you want to do is be the best the world has ever seen. You question what you have always been and you live vicariously through the idea of what the world think is best and your alter ego.

When we were younger, I honestly believe we were at our truest. Nobody told you how you could be you, you instantly knew. What ice cream you liked or whether or not you liked ice cream, if you wanted to jump in a muddy puddle, you knew that was exactly what you wanted to do. No matter how many times your mother said no, you did it! Knowing very well the consequences you still went for what made you happy. It could be because you didn’t know any better or  you could just be getting  what you thought was best for you at the time, feeding a craving, getting the satisfaction, achieving a sense of fulfilment.

According to medical research, your character starts developing from the early stages of your mum’s pregnancy, your nervous system is fully developed by the age of 7. At age 7, you know what’s right and what’s wrong according to the environment you were exposed to. Your memory is clear as ever and those memories are the ones that you stick with for the rest of your life. Those are the memories that are mostly responsible for the insecurity you might have, the manner in which you live , you love etc. That is what you first build on and your parents are the ones fully responsible for that part of your life. In the bible, Mary was instructed an Angel called Gabriel and he instructed Mary on her diet, her speech as well as where she would go. This is where science backs it up and says “You are what you eat” or in this case “your child is what you eat” and because your child’s nervous system is in the process of developing, what mom says, what mom listens and also what mom feels, influences you and the foundation of your character.

Therefore, are we what we are because of our parents? Definitely. Solely because of our parents? No. Free will becomes the gospel that changes our lives. So does it begin with us? Totally. So, tag! You’re it! Decide! Do you live with the anger of growing up without a father/mother, do you make your abusive past a legacy ? Do you break  generational barriers or do you turn them into curses? It’s all you superstar. You’re it.

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